We offer several key programs and supports:


Writing Curriculum and Lesson Plans

Pathways for Student Success

Professional Speaking

Professional Development

Employment Readiness Workshops

Our Innovative Pathways for Student Success Models will:

  • Through the process of inquiry, build student self-awareness, self-esteem and long-term goals
  • Create an awareness of and action plan for obstacles that students must face throughout their academic career
  • Help students understand their potential, move toward goals that suit their aspirations and help them ready themselves for life after secondary school
  • Embed culturally significant teachings
  • Provide foundations necessary for improved student achievement
  • Involve multiple service providers
  • Provide for continuous supports through all levels of education
  • Focus on supports to meet the individual needs of each student

We Offer:

  • Superior strategic planning, stakeholder and community liaison skill sets
  • A moral commitment to strengthening the capacity for team-based approaches to system growth
  • Opportunities and tools for personalized learning for system leaders with an emphasis on making informed decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data