We understand the connection between sound policy and organizational success.

An effective policy structure is one of the most essential management tools within any organization. It sets the stage for clear communication and consistent practice and can protect your organization from legal challenges.

Dawna will provide support at all levels of policy development and implementation.

Gap Analysis

Design and deliver Staff Professional Development

Writing Policy

Communication Strategies and Tools

Develop a Policy and Procedure Manual



What makes for an effective policy structure?


  • Known and understood by all who are affected by them
  • Spell out what members of your organization should or should not do in a given situation
  • Define clear and consistent lines of communication
  • Provide consistency across organizational silos
  • Reflect the aims and goals of your organization
  • Promote consistent practice and are not contradictory to other policies
  • Undergo a standard review process and cycle
  • Realistic
  • Inclusive
  • Enforceable
  • Adaptable
  • Consistent and transparent
  • The framework for decision-making and accountability
  • Built around shared corporate goals and values, not around organizational structures or existing functions
  • Well-organized and accessible


Benefits of having good policy

Manage Legal Risk

Teach Your Members what is Expected of Them

Provides Rules and Guidelines for Making Decisions

Demonstrates Fairness

Means of Communicating Information to Workers

Is Beneficial to Grant Attainment


Which policies should your organization have?

It is highly recommended that, at a minimum your policies fall within the following categories:


Human Resources

Information Technology


Project Management

Workplace Health and Safety